Despite people telling you that you can’t achieve what you aspire for, keep trying. You never know when and how will you be able to live the moment of success, however you perceive it to be. You may not even reach there if you stop trying altogether. You never know how close you are to your success. 


I had been trying to collect rainwater since one month but could save half a small bucket yesterday with the help of a mug after 3-4 hours of continuous shower after that month. My parents, especially my father, keeps saying that that is not the way I will collect even a bit of it but I kept trying, ignoring his hypothetical strategical talks because I know that it is in my parents’ nature not to support but pull someone from doing something good by their extreme of logic and not thinking out of their mindset. I know, too, that when I succeed in the same, they will claim my deed as their teachings. 

My parents can’t find encouragement to give but have a list of problems to quote. My father talked about the correct method and contacting the people who are devoted to rainwater harvesting but I know that this is why it doesn’t work. Individuals, without selfishness, don’t want to do it. Even my father proposed the idea of recruiting people to do the task instead of actively participating but I disagree.

I got wet and had to stand there to look after my utensils for approximately two hours with an umbrella in my hand. Also, there were onlookers who gave me a mocking expression throughout but I ignored them. I had to pour the water collected in the mug in small amounts in the bucket repeatedly but I was excited throughout. Rain gives me immense happiness and peace. I sleep to the voice of rainwater. 

I had to change my clothes after the rain stopped since I could catch cold but I collected good quantity of water for a good beginning. I am not sharing this just as an experience of rainwater harvesting. That is certainly one of the messages that needs to be followed by one and all but like this incident, if you are struggling in any other aspect in your life and you know that what you are doing is correct, keep trying (only if it doesn’t wear you out because then you need to rest and rejuvenate) and you will, slowly but surely, achieve your goal. 

Keep Trying

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