I have started dreaming about my Music class with my classmates and my guru yet again after 5 long years. It is only Saturday and Sunday when I get to live that dream every week and I am physically present there otherwise I don’t leave that place mentally ever.


I remember how I used to crave going back to my music teachers in the music classes after I had to leave them. I know I will have to face the same situation again and this separation from the environment where there are so many people of various ages and levels at which they learn Music and who have various mindsets and experiences to share, will soon occur again.

My music class, at all the learning levels, had been my respite. The environment I am learning in at present will stay in my mind forever as the experience of the best moments of my life. We have discipline and learning but we enjoy and have fun just as much. Each class has something new to teach and that has led to drastic growth in my singing and personality, I believe.

I will miss getting scolded and appreciated by my guru for performing bad and good respectively. I will miss the advices he gives me like I miss the advices of my former Music teachers. I will miss how I say something and the whole class cracks up in laughter. I might not be so lucky to receive such an environment again. I will miss the life lessons my guru keeps giving to me. I will miss the aura, the environment, the distinct feeling that the institute gives me. I will miss revising my portion of work before I get to finally perform it in front of my guru. I will miss singing along with everyone.

I will remember the experiences of my guru’s journey that he shared with me. I will remember that he supported and had faith in me when my anxiety came over me. I will remember the excellence and support of my classmates. I just can’t say enough on this topic. Everything will remain as a beautiful memory in my mind for the rest of my life.

A Beautiful Journey

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