I have observed from some instances that my guru shared with me on several occasions that you don’t need to carry toxicity with yourself to pass it forward. It is something not to be transferred in heredity. You have accidentally derived it from your family or teachers by observing several of their toxic behaviors at several occasions but you can always, as an individual, choose to take the positive lesson and leave the toxic part and at least try to forgive them for their fault. 


The person that you have inherited toxicity from is unaware and unaccepting of her toxicity and her kin’s involvement in that. She was just adhering to the norm and since toxicity was a part of the norm, she imbibed that too but you, since you have realised when there is still time for you to change that toxicity is not a good inheritance, you can leave toxic thinking, habits and behaviors.

You can break the cycle by not passing it forward to the generation younger than you. Don’t be jealous of the facilities that they are able to avail. They are not at fault like you are not at fault for being able to access technology in today’s time. Keep working on yourself constantly. Heal yourself from the effect of toxicity that had been passed on to you. Keep learning. Keep evolving. 

Maybe, if they can teach you something new, try to learn from them. Maybe, you can imbibe their carefree attitude while being cautious enough to be balanced wherever necessary. Maybe, they can provide you with a new, and at times better, information and perspective. You can always create a healthy bond of exchange of knowledge and values and maybe that can reduce your generation gap too. If you have been trapped in a cycle of toxicity, it doesn’t always has to remain like that. Keep an open mind and break the cycle of the heredity of toxicity. 

Break The Cycle

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