Women don’t need to make space for themselves. They don’t need to claim it either. This space is as much theirs as it is of others. No space is made for patriarchy. Patriarchy is a term made by homosapiens. It is as unnatural as the concept of unicorns.


Similarly, matriarchy, too, is a system of imbalance. In this system, since only females rule, chances are very high that they will carry out their policies and responsibilities with a strong belief in misandry. Here, men don’t need to make space for themselves since this space is as much theirs as it is of the females. 

If we see each human as just a human and derive her or his worth with the extent to which they practice helping nature, empathy, understanding, compassion, love, it will be the essential classification that will not be imposed and practiced due to societal pressures. 

Unlike patriarchy or matriarchy, this system of individualism will classify people on their essence. We will then see individuals as individuals and not as a class. That is how, according to me, everything must be. There is no need to define character traits as masculine or feminine, adhering to patriarchy or matriarchy, and then to define the genders as male or female. Then, there would exist an egalitarian society, where no pressures would be imposed on individual’s true self and possibly no mental problems would occur. Individualism, in this sense, is not just the most egalitarian but the most healthy system of societal existence too. 


Individualism—An Egalitarian System of Existence

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