There are two places where I feel at home, where I feel that I belong. First is my music class and the second is the Delhi metro. Here, I get to see different kinds of people.


Some of them are sorted and clear about what is going on in their lives but some have ‘I don’t really know’ as the answer of almost every question they are asked. Maybe, they feel and understand chaos as much as I do.

Well, I find almost everyone complaining about everything. These complaints unite strangers by thoughts. They discuss things, find each other compatible to share thoughts with and at times, become the best of friends throughout the journey. The beautiful thing is that separation here does not give pain but hope that they might meet again.

The problems that my classmates share at my music class are variant and people respond differently to a single opinion or experience shared by any of us. This provides the answers to some of my doubts and anxieties that I have had in my mind at some point of time.

There is so much rush in the Delhi metro that it either diverts me from dwelling over a problem or it provides me the solace to think over what is bothering me without anyone hyping me up with questions. I really enjoy the journey to my college in the metro and to my home while returning more than my college life. It makes my life a bit colourful as I observe people and their different moods. It brings a sense of vibrancy in my everyday life. 


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