I exist as a woman

and you exist too.

You can’t possess your domination over me.

I can’t regulate you.


You are not wrong

nor am I.

We are equally struggling

to survive

in this journey of life.


You hold your own beliefs.

I create my own thinking.

Both may or may not germinate

from each other’s thought processes.


I don’t need your protection.

You, as a man, too,

can feel unsafe and require prevention.

You can ask if you do.


Break free

from the norms of society,

male or female,

you determine your identity(s).


There is no color, essentially,

associated with your identity

nor are the jobs.

These are only societal norms.


Be whatever you want to be.

Live in the essence of what you believe—

feminine or masculine— is your identity.

To conform by the society

and its norms is no liability.


Live freely

as you wish to live,

not being exhausted

and suffocating

by conformity

to the norms of the society.


Live Freely

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