This is for all the men and women who believe in patriarchy and not feminism. If you believe in Christianity or know about Adam and Eve, you would believe that Eve was created out of Adam’s rib. So basically, Eve was created as a part of Adam and to serve him.


I would like to present my opinion now. It is a bit reversed. Can’t it be possible that it was not man who was the final creation that God aspired to make but the woman and the man or Adam was made just as a trial of humanity? Now that the trial (Adam) was successful, the final and the ultimate creation (Eve) was made.

It is believed that Eve was made by the rib of Adam. Ribs provide the strength to the body. In this case, women, automatically, are stronger than men. Adam demanded for a companion because he felt lonely and nobody to possess his control over. So, Adam needed Eve to validate his powers and existence. Without Eve, Adam would have felt powerless. Eve is the strength of Adam. Therefore, naturally, she is more powerful than Adam.

Eve, on the other hand, does not need Adam to validate the existence of her being. Adam was lured by the creation made by his rib. Adam violated the restriction of God on the provocation of Eve. He, unlike Eve, had no control over his emotions. He was not emotionally aware. Adam, if we see then, was not really driven by his own desires. Maybe, he didn’t even pay heed to them. He did not follow his individual thinking and had no power on himself.

The ability to bring a new creation physically into life also rests with a woman. Why don’t we think that the man was made out of the woman? It can be possible that man was created out of a woman (as in a wo-man), male was created out of female (as in fe-male).On what basic principles and theories then, if we think, patriarchy works?

A man cannot borne a child. He doesn’t has a womb unlike a woman. Similarly, man provides her with the X or Y chromosome needed to form a zygote and a baby. No one gender can create a new life all alone. So, the patriarchs who feel that men are superior than women and are naturally entitled to many liberties and responsibilities that women need to prove their ‘capabilities’ for, no one specie will be able to survive without the other and this is the eternal truth.

Essentially, there should be no system called patriarchy or movement called feminism because men and women already exist as two opposite but co-existing beings. Each one has some liabilities, responsibilities or advantages over the other which makes them equal essentially. There should not have been the need of making a right of equality between sexes. They don’t exist out of the systems of each other because there should not be any systems pertaining to the respective sexes. Nobody is, essentially, superior or inferior except by their individual capabilities and talents. They co-exist and this co-existence is the reason of the sustainability of the human existence on the Earth.


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