There is no masculine, feminine, male, female. If there is, it is within us. There are no such categories that we stupidly have been using to create society and stereotypes. We don’t have to prove ourselves as men or women. I am thankful to my guru because of his capability to teach well, not because he is a male.


Essentially, we are all masculine and feminine in ourselves—not male and female or the ‘other’ as we say—masculine and feminine. We have to unite these aspects within ourselves. The real struggle is not to balance the male and female categories of society. It is to balance the masculine and feminine selves that reside within ourselves. Male and female are terms subjective to interpretation but masculine and feminine are traits clearly defined by the society that we inherently aquire and that are binaries and co-existing.

We do not have to define ourselves against each other. We are a group of selves. The identity within is the real identity. If you think you are a masculine or a male or a feminine or a female, as weird as it may sound, you are. You can, surely, not be a part of the already established system that tries to confine you within its already defined rules. You can be whoever you identify to be.


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