Guru dakshina. Have you ever heard of this practice? Not every student is so lucky to be a part of this practice. It marks the auspicious, pure and more than divine connection between a guru and a shishya or a teacher and a student. It is a token of honour that you can give to your guru for their teaching.


Our teachers or gurus impart their knowledge with us and try to enrich us and enhance our capabilities. We can never give something to them in return but if your guru asks you for something, you are really lucky because a guru may teach hundreds and thousands of students but they chose you. Maybe, they trust you that you will be able to provide them with what they require and being able to give that to them is an act so pure that I have no words to describe it.

It is a selfless act that is rarely seen except in the guru-shishya parampara practiced in most of the institutes of arts. You are not doing a favor on your guru. You can never do that and if you feel that you do, you are not a true student or shishya. You are giving what your guru asks for to pay respect to them.

You can also think of guru dakshina as a memoir of the bond between you and your guru. Gurus are placed before God because if you believe in God, your guru has taught you who God is. He has acknowledged you about various aspects and philosophies related to God. Without a guru, you would not have been able to be aware of most of the things happening around you. You believe in serving God but if you have served your guru selflessly, as they do in gurukuls, you have served your God. 

A Token Of Honour

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