Pick up the litter and throw it in the dustbin. You are not just lifting the waste wrapper but your self-respect by paying your duty as an individual, a citizen and an inhabitant of the Earth.  


Dump the biodegradable waste in the soil in your garden, park or pot. You are only dumping your egotist thinking and grounding yourself. You are growing something new with the experience of something old.

Buy plantable rakhees, if you celebrate Rakshabandhan, and regenerate your love with your brother or sister by watering the plant. As the plant grows, so does your love and bond.

Buy paper flags of your nation. They will decompose faster. Color them with organic colors so that when they meet the ground, they don’t release harmful chemicals. Plastic or cloth flags will not decompose and pollute the soil.

Drink tea in kulhad. It will later mix with where it came from—the ground—after a single use unlike the paper or plastic cups which take days and even years to decompose. Plastic degrades the soil until it completely destroys. At home, use steel glasses or cups for the purpose, which can be washed to be reused several times after that.

You can wear sports or polyurethane shoes on regular occasions except if you work in an office. Use stoneware utensils. On festivals and occasions, gift eco-friendly cups and pots or other household material of everyday use which generates from the mud and will eventually submerge in it when you throw it later. 

Saving our home is not so big a task as it seems. One step by one person from day to dooms day is all that is needed. There are so many ways. Use any of the 3 R’s. Reduce producing unnecessary waste and using non-biodegradable substances for daily use. Reuse all that you can as much as you can. Try that the products to recycle reduce because factories generate a lot of pollution in the process. Spread awareness through words and actions. Saving our home is possible, isn’t it? 

Save Our Home

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