The Earth is not sustained by us (Us here refers to the humans). We are sustained by this Earth. We are merely caretakers of this Earth, not the owner. So, if we cannot improve its quality, we have no right to pollute it.

Everything is provided to us by this Earth. Even the basic necessities of creating human innovations are fulfilled by the Earth. So, we need to return what we take from it now. The thought that we, as an individual, will save the Earth, which is our ultimate purpose and necessity, should be the primary collective  thought in our minds.

Let us talk about the basic necessities that we have been using on rent and have to return with interest. The first and foremost need for survival is water. How will we return water? We will plant as many trees (at least try to) as we have the capacity to or we will encourage and help those who do. We will inspire others to follow suit. So, the next time we eat a fruit or a vegetable containing seeds in it, the seeds will not be thrown in the dustbin but dumped in a pot with soil in it or on a fertile or infertile ground. Also, if we are living in such homes that make it possible to harvest rainwater, we will do that. This will largely reduce water problems across the world. Also, we will stop ‘civilising’ the rural and the hill stations now. If we can’t keep them clean, even the thought of visiting them will not cross our minds.

What will we not do? It is prohibited to try to dump non-biodegradable waste, especially plastic, into the soil. Reuse it in as many ways as possible. One major step that we will take is to not use plastic at events and parties but paper plates. This way, the paper waste, too, will be utilised. The more ground space we have in our homes, the more trees will be planted. Also, we will wrap the gifts and our lunch boxes with already read newspapers and dump it later in the ground since all paper products get decomposed within 2-6 weeks. 

Global warming is increasing due to the heat which is created due to the overbearing pollution. This heat is released by us when we use air conditioners. So, we will clean our fans and then use them so that we don’t feel the need to turn on the air conditioners. We will turn off the appliances not in use, even if we are going to use them after ten minutes. At least for an hour in a day, we will turn off all the appliances in our homes daily. The lights will be turned off in the daytime. 

We will contribute to the farmers of our respective countries always, not only when the need be. We will do all these everyday, starting from today. Nobody except our responsible conscience is keeping a check on us. From this moment, whatever we will do will be for the good of the Earth. We will think and act accordingly. 

The Need Of The Hour

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