Don’t give me

mere talks

or only if you can accompany me

in my morning and evening walks. 


If you can’t face who am I—

unfiltered and real,

if you can’t support me

and handle all my fears,


if my intensity to feel

and my thoughts terrify you,

don’t come to me. 

If you don’t have the intent to

stay by me through

all my difficulties,

don’t come to me. 


Let me be on my own. 

I can live my life alone—

satisfied and happily—

with no unwanted sympathies. 


Come to me 

if what you feel is real,

if you too, feel terrified, 

by the various synchronicities, 

if you too have the patience to be

with me like this forever,  

if you can see me grow for better

and not feel any jealousy

or the sense of insecurity,

If you can make me laugh

but also give me a home to cry,

if you can forgive and learn

the lessons the life gives

and persist to try

to break all the boundaries 

that I have made for my safety. 


If you can’t fight over

your male ego and accept 

your errors. 

If we can’t discuss a percept

and its various perceptions and possibilities, 

if we can’t reciprocate comfort

to one another, 

if you don’t believe

that we can make this world better, 

if you don’t believe 

in turning fantasies into reality, 

don’t come to me. 




Don’t Come To Me

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