Break me down into pieces.

Try to burn my spirit with your matches.

I am the Phoenix. 

I will make a castle of my ashes.

Breaking through has become my habit.


Your words don’t really affect me any more.

What I think about myself

is what matters to me at the core

apart from my guru’s lessons.


You won’t create any difference in my life

if all you do is vaguely criticise,

giving no lessons that I can learn

and no knowledge of my concern.


Yet if you think you hold power over me,

do what you have been doing—

vainly practicing

your habit of demoralising. 


If you think that you can break, 

break me and you will see

how this Phoenix will rise

and sore high in the sky.  


Break me down and just wait 

and watch patiently

how yet again, I will make—

with my hard work, dedication and sincerity, 

perseverance and consistency—

a castle of my ashes. 



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