Our truth is more of perception and less of reality. If you believe you can achieve something, you certainly can with strategic planning and implementation. If not, you would procrastinate. Certainly, even after giving your 100%, you cannot ensure your success but success, as I discussed earlier, is subjective to our interpretations. So, putting effort and striving is a truth but the outcome may not be.


People are good or bad for us according to the experiences we share with them but some people are same to all. That is their truth.
A teacher teaches well according to me. This is my truth. If he teaches well to all and leads to the improvement of majority of the students, it is his truth.

Some may believe I might not be able to achieve a lot and some may think otherwise. Some may not even think about me and my capabilities in the first place. My perception about me also keeps changing as I grow but my inborn talents and capabilities and my achievements, big or small, uptil now are my truths.

There are only few truths in our life. The rest of them are what we believe. Our perceptions, to a large extent, create our truths. Our truth, really, is consisted less of facts and more of perception.

Our Truth

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