One good teacher can make your life. A good teacher not just teaches the subject but through the lessons he teaches in the subject, we learn a lot about ourselves and also a lot of life lessons.


He makes you independent to think of the ways of exploring the various facets of the topic within its boundaries. He makes you discover its boundaries and establishes a strong foundation of the topic so that you can achieve mastery over it.


He will not boast of his capabilities because he doesn’t need to. You will get inspired by his skills, talents and capabilities when he teaches you. He knows better than you about your capabilities and does whatever he can to bring out your best. He makes you push yourself to the pinnacle. He has mastery over his abilities and makes you achieve mastery over yours.  He prepares you to excel. His only purpose is to make you grow and he makes you face your fears and conquer over them. A master really guides your path of life. 


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