Don’t say you will go away.

You are my guide.

I will go astray

if you leave my side.


I don’t know on what path

and how should I walk

if you don’t show me. 

Please, always stay as my guide. 


The only people in my life

for whom I have unconditional respect

are my true teachers

who have and still guide me in all aspects 

through their scoldings and advices. 


The praises of my gurus

towards my efforts

mean the most to me. 

For me, those are the moments of honour. 


Whatever I am, 

I am because of my gurus, 

my parents

and their reviews

and corrections of my work.


I owe so much to my gurus

that I can’t repay in my entire life. 

I can only follow their advices

until I am alive. 


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