Do good—to yourself and to others. Release negative thoughts to make yourself and others happy. You spread the aura you hold within. No matter how much you are struggling right now, know that if you intent and act good, the universe has your back. 


You won’t believe me, I know. I have discarded this thought thousands of times myself. I have done good to people and been reciprocated with bad. Though, I have not seen most of them face their karma except one, whose karma was me.

I have not seen one genuine good person who has never faced hardships or has been happy and not struggling. The cheaters are the ones who get instant gratification of their desires without much struggle. The honest ones, though, live peacefully knowing they have not done any bad to anyone. The cheaters and those who wrong others always live in doubt and fear and that, I am sure, is not the kind of life one aspires for.

We should be grateful that we did not fall into the trap of guilt only because we chose to avoid doing anything bad to anyone. If we forgive easily, even if that person does not deserve our forgiveness, at least we can focus on other aspects of our life without letting them occupy a major part of our concentration, which they certainly do not deserve. Yes, we struggle and feel a lot of pain but at the end of it, at least we are content that we do not have to feel guilty for the rest of our lives. At least, our souls will not have to carry a burden forever and that is a great feeling to possess, in my opinion. 

The Universe Has Your Back

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