Having it all together in the future is a myth. It is an illusionary idea. What we have is now and that is it. Now is the truth that we are living and creating.


We always think of one day—one superficial day—when we will ‘have it all together’ but the truth is we are waiting for nothing. We will never achieve that unrealistic aim. For a moment, we will think that we have it all together but we, as competitive beings, would never reach our desired threshold once and for all.

Thinking about the future and setting goals is a good thing but we should live in the present. Live what you are experiencing in each passing second of your life. Feel that you wrote those words on the paper seconds ago when the creation is not yet complete. Live what you are living.

The future you are wondering of is being created right now with your thoughts and efforts, however minute. So, start working towards what you desire to achieve and are passionate about right from this moment. Do not live in ‘I will do this’ rather than ‘I am doing this’. Do your work persistently. You will achieve what you desire seemingly effortlessly. Do whatever you can do in your present to create the future you envision because the future, truly, is right now.

The Future Is Right Now

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