You are you. They are they. You do what you want. They will do what they desire for. Don’t imitate someone. Don’t even follow the footsteps of your guide without understanding the process. Your guide is a different person altogether. They might lead you to the best place according to them but that place gives you satisfaction or not purely depends on what your intuition says. 


Rules—they are re-defined every other day. They differ according to the person who makes them, the situation they are to be applied to and the people they are to be applied on. Each person lives a different life, differ journey, different story. What I think early might be late for someone else. Perceptions differ according to the experiences a person has.

Generation to generation, facilities are introduced and taken out of the market. Needs, too, change accordingly. For my technological advanced mates, I would be old-fashioned. For us, our parents are. This is what we call ‘generation gap’. Hindu mythology famously explains the gaps through four yugs in a four-age cycle—Sat Yug, Tret Yug, Dvapar Yug and lastly Kali Yug, in which we are living. The habits, manners and lifestyle of all the yugs differ greatly. The principles followed in the Sat Yug are ineffective in Kali Yug. 

For the society in this world which believes in the philosophy of Sat Yug, you will seem to be too advanced but to the believers of the philosophers of Kali Yug, you may have a little less advanced lifestyle and thinking than them. So, will you keep changing yourself to suit other people’s expectations? Why would you do that? You need to be updated with what is happening in your society but you don’t need to follow every rule they make to be accepted. If you do not harm anyone— physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually— and lead your life as you want, you are doing good. You don’t need to fit in. If it is harming your highest good and inner peace, which you should actually be aligned with, just don’t try to fit in with the norms of society.

Don’t Try To Fit In

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