I never knew I could do all the things I have done. I thought I could never be consistent and that my moodiness kept everything temporary but I achieve many small goals unknowingly and even if known, with much less effort. I am surprised by my own potential.


Bring out the best in you— the best love, the best advice, the best friend, the best guide— and use it to prosper further. Watch yourself rise and shine. Try to be the best in whatever you do. Remember, your best keeps changing and elevating as you keep defeating your old self to move towards the better self. Your only competitor is the self you need to leave behind.

A lot of aspects of your self reside within you. Churn them out. Discover and embrace them. Own them. Hold all the positive aspects as victories and all the negative aspects as the journey towards improvement. Don’t practice self-sabotage. If you have hurt someone, ask for their forgiveness. If they punish you for the pain you have inflicted on them, accept the punishment. Once your good self has awakened, promise to yourself that you would not (at least try to) repeat the mistakes. Learn the lessons and leave the toxic self behind. Start afresh. Keep surprising yourself by introducing better selves to the selves you leave. Make your journey in life interesting. 

Surprise Yourself

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