They say ‘old age is the second childhood’ but for me, parents remain to be our children even while we are growing up to become adults like them. People say that old age is the phase of life where we need to take the most care and give the most love to our parents but to me, my mother has been a child throughout my adolescence and will remain to be like that in the next stages of my life. 


Like every parent-child relationship, I experience many high and low emotions regarding my parents. I have dual thoughts and I ponder upon each to think rationally. The main thing my father has in his mind, and rightly so, is money and how it should not be wasted. My father hates wastage of any kind but on the contrary, like a child who breaks his own rules, wastes a lot of paper because he doesn’t utilise most of his registers fully. Money creates moments of rife in the family and every other issue including manners, respect and likewise follows suit. 

My mother’s spirit is like a rabbit—innocent, curious, active, clever but childlike. She spreads happiness wherever she goes with her happy aura. I want that I create such an accommodation for her which fulfills all her requirements but gives her more than that and that she should live in an aura which uplifts her true and best self and not restrict it. 

I will make sure each wish of my parents gets fulfilled in ways better than they could have imagined. I don’t care whether people think of me as a caring child or a child who is still lingering on her parents for I will see too attached to my parents. I don’t care to live up to their expectations. The people who have small minds but big mouths also have small hearts which did not open when me and my brother needed care. When my parents chose to not leave me on my own despite facing difficulties after my birth, I will not even think of leaving them as a child. They need as much care as they provided to me, even more. These are just desires as of now but I will turn them into reality soon so that my parents can actually enjoy the life they deserve. It will be an honor if I could provide such a life. My only dream is to work so honestly and hard that I should be able to grant the wish of my parents as soon as they utter it. I want to be their Santa Claus. Until I become one, I will keep my fingers crossed. 

Santa Claus

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