You create your own good or bad luck. You grab the opportunities and fulfill the necessities to make yourself successful. You make choices which serve to be fruitful. You strategise and act—alone or as a team member.


You can change your luck if you believe and act. A teacher may guide you. Your parent or guardian may give you some financial support but your hard work, passion and dedication cannot be substituted or provided by someone else.

You create what you want by being or doing what you should. If you want to become a wealthy man (by money), you need to think the honest ways to earn. You need to earn and save daily. If you want to have honest friends, you need to be honest with yourself and everyone.

Focus on one bigger goal but work on the smaller ones. If you want to run in a 100- metre race, practice running faster in a 20- metre race course and increasing your speed and distance in decreasing time. If you have to achieve the target of writing a 50-page essay, write 1 page everyday, trying to be crisp and not repetitive in language or ideas. If you have to excel in your exams, think, strategise and act on it 24×7.

Be with people who support and uplift you but also who will not hesitate to point out your mistakes to correct you (never to demean). Nobody achieves success in anything in a day. Many small achievements and many lessons learnt from failure combine together to lead you to success. 


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