I see the black clouds

beneath the white. 

They look like cotton buds

stuck on the blue sky. 


The white and grey

moon of half shape,

calm and serene

stands in between 

and beautify

the blue sky. 


I see the green

and more abundant leaves 

on the trees. 

The leaves of the tall trees

draw patterns on the blue screen. 


I cross with my mother again

on another crossing this time. 

She is walking in the direction 

opposite to mine. 


A lump of white, 

not specifically in the shape

like that of the clouds

shoot out like a ray

from the infinity beneath. 


It is getting darker. 

Now, it is 7:22

in the evening.

The lights illuminate 

the paths and patterns 

and allow us to see through

the dark night. 

The lights in the building 

look like fireflies 

stuck on the ceiling. 


Just An Evening

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