Never level yourself down. Always vibrate and stay higher, not in ego, but in consonance and giving due respect to your best self, also known as your higher self. 


Never compromise with your happiness, self-love, self-respect to match the level of a person you think is right for you who doesn’t and possibly will never be able to match your frequency. If only you need to move, move higher up.

But don’t withdraw from showing the best of your abilities. You can love selflessly. That is a strength. If you are giving that love to someone who doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate it, direct it towards yourself. 

You are self-aware and you wish that person you like to be self-aware too. Try to get this into their notice. If they respect your opinion, they will at least give it a try but if they don’t, don’t obsess over changing them. You can’t change anyone except yourself. Leave that person on his or her own and live your life to the best of your abilities. 

You held a misbelief for long. Don’t hate yourself for that. Choose to change for better. If you hurt someone during that process, ask for forgiveness and let it go. If someone else hurt you, know that it is not something that should bother you. It is completely a reflection of what they believe in. Though, if they enlighten you about something you need to change, respect that and work on it. Grieve but leave the hurt and hate behind. Cherish that you got an opportunity to learn and correct your mistakes.

We are evolving beings. We are allowed to make mistakes (mistakes are never made on purpose) but we can learn from them and choose to vibrate higher. Living in consonance with your best self is the best place to be in, better than when you fall in love with some other individual. Vibrate higher and stay where you are for the rest of your lifetime. 

Vibrate Higher

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