Oh! This breeze
cooling me from within,
Wow! This sky
so mesmerizing,
colored in the shades of blue and pink,
the white and grey moon standing in between,
the prints of the leaves of the trees on the canvas,
the lights glim at equal distance, 
all unite
to color the landscape of the sky.
I feel lucky
to have witnessed this beauty by my eyes.


Vehicles are moving to and fro.
People continue to come and go.
Some leaves stand in such pattern
like the curly locks of a woman.

Some elderly ladies
continue with their gossips.
The children of various ages
play in different groups.

I hear the bells ring
from one of the homes.
It is the time
for people to pay their worships.

Elderly men and women
sit on the chairs
and converse
about topics of their concern.

The groups have started to disperse
as it is dark at this hour.
Some, like me, continue to stroll across
my society’s borders.


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