Lately, I have not been able to focus on my thoughts and my peace because of my intruding and highly irritating brother. I don’t get any time to retrospect peacefully because I really am never in a mood to clear out his unnecessary doubts of what I was thinking and why I was blabbering. For me, it is plain intrusion of my private space and that actually, heats up my mind. So, I am a bit restless nowadays and hence, every intrusion is irritating me. Yet, even after all the intrusion, I have found some ways to think since I have no other way out. 


I start with trying to listen to songs but that does not last long because as always, my brother and the rest of the family cannot see me peacefully hearing good music. So, this activity has been practiced by just a few times lately. I try to see some videos while I eat, which contains less intrusion and to avoid intrusion altogether, I go out to walk. 

Since the intrusion continues even after I return, in fact, it increases because my father returns from office and the TV hours start to be continued till 11:00 pm. Even early in the morning, since 5:00 am, the TV is switched on which really irritates me. 

I riyaaz or read some knowledgeable books and if that does not provide me any comfort, I surf my social media account, write something or try to sleep. I don’t like my family, especially my brother, reading any of my blogs because they can find and twist any line or thought that I write and twist it to shame me and my thoughts. That is what they do and have been doing with what I say. People feel at home with their families and I feel at home where people let me and my thoughts breathe and act according to my will. 

The thing is simple. I am escaping since many years from being judged. Nobody likes that. If I judge them, they are infuriated. Anyone would be. The simple fact is that just as I let everyone be on their own unless they really need some food for thought or guidance and I don’t intrude, no one else should is allowed to intrude in my personal and private space. I mind my own business and I believe that no matter how close you are to a person, if you are trying to make them compromise with or denying their personal space, then you are wrong. Don’t expect that person to behave completely normal and happy with you. Personal and private spaces are not to be compromised and intrusion, believe it or not, is really disrespectful and irritating. 


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Intrusion Is Disrespectful

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