If someone is leaving,
let them go.
It may be hurting
but be it so.


Just try once to talk
and stop them if you can.
But even after that, if they choose to walk
away, then accept it as a part of the plan.

You can do your best
to ensure all is good.
But don’t put yourself to blame
if they choose
to leave you behind
and walk away.

At times, people and situations
come for a purpose
which when served,
they need to leave you
for everyone’s better.
Not everyone can live with you forever.

Love all who come to you
but when it’s time to release,
do that too.

Not all can accompany
you till the end of your journey.
So, when they have to leave,
bid them goodbye
with a smile.
Release them and feel relief.

Let Them Go

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