So I come out again.
I come out again because
I can’t escape the beauty
of this unique weather.


I feel new.
It feels like rebirth.
The climate
and everything else seems changed.

I know that I know this place,
I come here everyday
yet it feels unknown,
holding a charm of its own.

I feel like these trees and shrubs
have rejuvenated themselves.
I live in this society since four
and more
yet it seems novel.

I am numb, though.
I have no thoughts whatsoever.
Everything appears similar
yet changed altogether.

I can feel it–
a new beginning
with a feeling of déjà vu.
I feel like I have traveled back to
my memories of childhood.

I feel completely
complete and happy
after long.
I have been feeling
so all day long.

I am returning to me
and maybe
that is an another aspect of this journey.


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