I am accepting this reality—

the concept of duality—

that drives this connection 

between both of us.


I am you and you are me. 

We are each other’s soul reflections. 

Hence, I am on the correct journey 

of my betterment 

while holding complete acceptance 

of all of my personality, 

all of its various facets.


You and me are one. 

What you do, I reciprocate. 

You went to someone

and towards you, I directed hate. 


I didn’t realise while doing so

that I was actually hating myself

for choosing you

over everyone else. 


You seem closed off to me. 

Even I would have seem like that,  maybe. 

I wrote my love to you. 

You tried to show me love through

what you perceive it to be. 


Our souls are united already

except in our awakening. 

Yours is happening slow and steady 

while I have no choice 

but to sit and observe the situation. 


It is your fight. 

I want to help you but

had it been possible to transmit

my awakening to you, I would

have definitely done that

at the time

of my awakening. 


You are the child

that I was some time ago. 

I know you will have to fight

and go through 

a lot of pain

and struggle to gain

the knowledge of your higher self. 


You will have to walk through

this spiritual realm

because we

are meant to be. 


You have no choice really

but to awaken your spirit 

and to start your never-ending 

work on yourself

because I am ahead

and you have to meet

me by racing

ahead to reach

where I am currently

so that we can prosper

our lives together 

and serve the Earth

for which we have been sent here. 




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