Give me a forever kind of love. 

A love where we fight but don’t separate. 

A love where there is care and no space for hate. 

A love which, even when it gets dark, is deep. 

A love where we resolve all our fights 

before we go to sleep. 


A love where we grow together,

where we talk, and not ignore, 

when something bothers 

any or both of us. 

A love where we may get upset

with one another 

but never leave each other 

for some other. 


A love where we argue 

but no one else is allowed to

intrude, interfere or comment 

in between or on our argument. 

Our fights will be ours

and love too. 


A love where we persistently ascend

and transcend

to bring prosperity 

to the present and posterity. 


A love of yin and yang

like the vang

that balances the direction of the boat. 

A love destined

and blessed from heaven above. 

Give me that forever kind of love. 

Forever Kind Of Love


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