I had a lot of body ache since past two days. It was made worse because my parents were constantly demanding my service to them, completely ignoring my problems before theirs. Well, that is quite usual.


Today, since the morning, I and my mother were cleaning the house and I became more tired. It was all settled at 4:00 pm. I ate food and enjoyed watching some videos till 5:00 pm. There was another video that I was seeing when I noticed that it was time for me to leave the home for my weekly Music class. I was already tired emotionally and physically but on a second thought, I decided that despite my sickness, I should attend my weekly Music class for a change in my environment.

And this decision was actually the best part of my day. I rushed from my home lest I arrive late. As I knew that unlike always, today I didn’t dedicate enough time to riyaaz before I reach the institute, I was expecting a scolding or at least a scolding from my guru.

He surprised me with a compliment instead. When all the other students of various years were singing their ragas, I was also humming and singing along with them but before that, I took out my register and revised what was written. This was the first time ever when I entered my Music class without prior practice whatsoever. Therefore, I was really scared and was constantly following the notation of the bandish I learnt from my guru in the previous class which I couldn’t practice. The bandishes of the ragas of previous years that I had also learnt before distracted me though. 

I saw others performed. Some were unable to sing the notes perfectly, others changed the tune of the composition, so I apprehended that I would do the same. When all others were done, my guru asked me to sing my raga. To my surprise, I sang it perfectly which earned me my guru’s praise and advice. I could see that he felt proud of me and that pride is worth more than any admission in any of the ‘prestigious’ universities and colleges. It is worth more than a million dollars. 

I had started writing this blog yesterday but I couldn’t find enough words to explain my feelings until today. To you, this may not be a big deal. You might be wondering that what is so auspicious in this occasion that Saloni decided to write about this. I write about nature, family and what not but even when I tried earlier, I couldn’t find enough words to capture and record this moment. To you, this is a blog. To me, this is a memoir—a proud memoir. 


A Proud Memoir

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