My biggest fear is that one day, when I will earn and live in my own house on my own terms and my mother will be in a trouble and come to me to stay there forever, I might be so self-centered that I would politely turn her down and ask her to go somewhere else. This thought frightens me. For me, now, my mother is like my child. Maybe, god forbid, when I will grow up, I will turn so self-centered that I will refuse her to stay with me in my home as if it were her own.


I don’t fear being poor or bankrupt. If it will only be about me, I will work hard and earn all that I will lose again but no matter how poor I may become, I still wish that I should have enough that if my mother comes to me in times of problem, I should be able to provide her all of the comfort and facilities she deserves. 

I fear that I would hurt my mother by my actions or words and to be honest, ot really feels worse than a nightmare. This may happen because I have a sharp tongue and a witty mind. I joke with my mother to maintain our friendship but take care that I should never overdo it. Never in my dreams can I see her face after I hurt her and feel her hurt. 

I don’t fear that I would lose the reputation and ‘status’ I would gain on society because of my wealth. I fear that once I acquire money, I would forget the essential investments I have to do with it. The plans of investment of my money should always remain the same. I wish I earn good amount of money so that when I divide each my earning with my family, everyone should get enough to live sufficiently with it. 

I fear that this fear of mine will come true. Therefore, at regular intervals, I check myself to ensure that the materialistic thinking of today’s society has not altered my eternal goals with money investment. I fear that as I think now, a time will come when my career and family would no longer be my priorities. I fear that no matter how much I try, I would not be able to keep up with my values. I wish that these fears never come true. 

My Biggest Fear

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