Taking a break after a long series of hard work is not laziness but essential. The body, mind and soul need to rest and rejuvenate to increase their potential. The only thing to keep in mind is that like everything else, we should not overdo this as well.


When we work persistently, we add up the stress of daily hassles each day and reach to a point where we break down and feel like a month- long vacation is the only solution to release it and start afresh. 

Stress adds to the problems (unless it is eustress). It leads to many health issues and chronic diseases like hypothyroidism, migraine, diabetes and hypertension. Also, instead of clearing up the cluster, it piles up more work and responsibility to fulfil and deteriorates the health of the mind and body which leads to the further delay in the completion of the already pending tasks. Stress eats up your peace and piece of mind. 

The solution to all these problems is to take a break—not just physically but mentally too. When you go on a vacation, do not carry the stress of your work along with you. If need be, switch off your phones if you receive calls from work on your vacation. Put a standard voice message for something urgent. Taking a break is completely healthy and essential and also a need. So, take a break and rejuvenate. 

Break Is Essential

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