It has been cloudy since today morning 

and raining since the evening. 

I feel gay. 

Nature blessed us today. 


I am happy with today’s weather

but I want it remain farther

from the influence of an evil eye. 

May rain keep pouring from the sky. 


May the water nourish the roots,

the soil flourish the plant into tree. 

May they be loaded with fruits. 

May the oxygen they produce

make the Earth pollution—free.


May the trees grow so high

that they touch the sky. 

May they spread over the global sphere. 

May they freshen up the atmosphere. 


May the breeze blow the rain

all over the Earth. 

May it lead to many trees’

birth and rebirth. 


May the mother Earth

spread her motherly vibes 

and tempt all of the beings

to reciprocate her care and love. 


May this weather persist

and convert into climate.

May it never cease to exist.

May it make all the arid

soil to perforate.

May never again,

we should have to wait

for witnessing

this blessing.



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