The exit of one phase or a person from your life paves way for the new to enter. The more you hold on to someone who is not meant to serve you any longer, the more you will feel stuck in a situation and unhappy.


The exit of a toxic cycle of people from your life paves way for the new and positive people to enter in your life and to establish a new bond with them. Releasing the old allows the energy to accept the new to enter.

The purging out of an emotion and feeling numbness gives you time to clear the negative and undesired. The exit of a negative thought pattern paves way for the positive thought pattern. The exit of a bad habit paves way for the entry of a good habit.

It is not necessary that the change that is good and healthy for us will be attained by us easily. We might have to tolerate some or a lot of pain in our lives. At times, no situation or person in our life is leaving except our old self which no longer serves us.

So, if you are grieving over any aspect of your life that you had to leave or who left you, cry over it but don’t think that you lost the best which can not be replaced. Don’t be overconfident or under-confident. Try to keep a balance in everything in your life and do good. If you have good intentions and practices, rest assured that you will make your future good and will live your life which makes you happy but not by making someone good cry. Be confident and work on the good of all. Your troubles will exit and bliss will enter into your life. 

An Exit Is An Entrance

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