There will be no day, neither sooner nor later, when I will no longer be able to see night and moon in evening sky. I will do whatever possible I can, at various phases of my life, to maintain the cool environment on this Earth. 


My strive doesn’t come before Earth’s needs. No matter how many times I fail, I will persevere trying to plant trees. I will persevere to maintain the habit of preventing wastage of electricity, water and clean air. 

I will not wait for the day of Earth hour to arrive but everyday, for an hour or even more, I will switch off all the technological and electrical appliances in my home. Nothing except the main switch of my house will remain switched on. No access to mobile or laptop or computer will be initiated by me in this hour. I think, I am already halfway through it.

I will strive until the climate reinstates to its original time division. I will try to bring rain by planting trees, watering them and catering to their other needs. Not living in a huge house is not something to be regretted but not living in a green and healthy planet certainly is. I will save my home. I will be its saviour. 

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