I am learning to unlearn certain  habits and knowledge. I have learnt from my experience not to have faith on others and oneself but I am learning to love myself at all times and in various ways as and when necessary. I am avoiding the habit of self-sabotage. I have not reached there yet. I also have to be cautious to balance it lest I turn egotist. 


I am learning to strive for better but not overdo it. I am learning to enjoy the process and not fret over the aim. I am learning to release all stress because the more I stress, the more negative energy surrounds and my health deteriorates drastically. I know that I can control my physical health if I keep my mental health stable so I am focusing on my mental health. I am trying to be happy no matter what the circumstances may be. I am learning to unlearn stressing over things. 

While struggling with my food habits, I am learning what are the needs of my body and though I don’t eat junk food often, I am learning to regulate the amount of healthy food that my body needs and the healthy food that I feed it with. I am trying to inculcate new habits. I am learning to unlearn eating irregular and excessive amount of food that is not required by my body. 

I am learning to unlearn procrastination and the thinking of achieving something major all at once. I try to achieve my minor targets daily. In this process, too, I am learning a lot about myself —my likes, dislikes, the reasons behind them and the transformation I am going through every moment, every day. 

I am learning to unlearn the opinions of others hurt or affect me negatively. My mother says that despite all my efforts, I am not losing weight, that I am not putting pure efforts to achieve my target weight but I know that I am doing something which satisfies me. I am also aware, though, that such negative and toxic remarks affect my will power and spirit badly. I am learning to unlearn taking others’ opinions to my mind and heart because I know they do more harm than good. 

I am learning to unlearn taking things too seriously. I am learning to unlearn that spirituality necessarily means and relates to the various ‘gurus’ who ‘claim’ that they have experienced everything. Clearly, they are lying. Your experience can be more or less than someone but you can definitely not experience it all, even until your die. Omniscience is a myth. I am learning. So are you and everybody else. When we may know it all, this journey of life will have nothing more to offer and hence, will end. I am learning to unlearn chasing the truth in the pursuit of ‘knowing it all’. 


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Learning To Unlearn

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