It is 7:06 am.
I came out at 7:00 am today,
a bit late
for my morning walk.
For the first time ever,
I feel thankful for the towers
that are erected on both sides.
They prevent me from the heat
transmitted by the sun
that would have burnt me up otherwise.


As I walk, the trees
that stand erect
on the fencing
me, bestow their shade,
their coolness
on my body.

Shrubs and trees
all around me
make me feel
that I should deny
the need
of the global warning
of global warming
that the authorities
give to us.
Oh! How I wish I could have done that.
How I wish their reports had been false
and not so visible and evident.

What an accident,
a catastrophe
humans have been
on this Earth,
who, since their birth
have been killing
their own and all other living species
to satisfy their id.
The species would have happily
lived with persistence
had humans not been in existence.


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