Life is short, as they say. 

All we can control is what we do today. 

So, keep your worries at bay. 

Become stress-free and seize the day. 


Do what does no harm

to you or to others.

If you face any crisis, stay calm

and strong and help others. 


Do not procrastinate

what you can do today. 

Do not delay. 

Tomorrow may never arrive. Who can say? 


Do your work

but remember that no play

and all work will make you dull, 

as  they say. 


Cherish each blessing

and each passing moment. 

Don’t let time, like sand, 

vanish away

from your hands. 


Enjoy as much as you can. 

Do what you may. 

Today is what you have

so just seize the day. 


Seize The Day

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