I came out to walk at 7:30 am today
but the weather is pleasant
even at this time of the day.
I am thankful to the nature
for its grace
and mercy that it bestows on us.


The sky is clear
and the clouds seem still.
The wind blows slowly
according to its will.

I hear the dogs bark
and the bird screech and tweet.
I see another couple out on a walk
who converse with each other
in a voice which is
understanding and sweet.

I see many generations
as a boy younger than me comes out from the parking of one of the towers
and ahead of me
I see the back of a middle-aged lady walking
I also see a man in his thirties
in my direction
and here am I
a girl who is about to end her teens
and enter her twenties.

I look around.
What a sight to see!
I feel blessed that my society
is filled with greenery
of the trees.

Hey, you know what I just saw?
I glanced up at the clouds—
the dark, dusty clouds
and saw a ray shine through
their cluster
it feels that the ray
is endowing its blessings
on us
early in the morning.

There was dust all around
in the atmosphere
for a while
as I kept walking ahead
as the cleaner swept
it off the ground.

I pass through it
and as I walk further,
the wind stops blowing
for a moment
and it feels like a choking void.

Now, I hear the sound of the vehicles
rushing outside on the road
head ling straight
to their destination.
It is 7:47 am.
The working hours start at 8:00.
Employees can’t afford to be late.

I jerked for a moment out of fear
while writing this as I come near
a dog that stood there
before I arrived
who jerked all of a sudden
because a boy behind it
probably threw a stone
solely for the purpose of seeking pleasure.

I hear the voice of the ACs.
It pierces
through my ears
because of the high amount of gases
that it releases in the atmosphere
and is a major cause of why we suffer
in the prickly weather
and why the seasons have shifted
the time of their arrival and departure.

I think I should,
now, take your leave.
In a hope that at least
you would
plant some trees.

Natural Grace

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