Many-a-times and more often than not, we tend to set goals and try to stick to them. Though, strategising is certainly good but we should check after a while whether we are being too controlling. If we find that we are, we should try and learn how to let go of feelings, people and situations.


You must have noticed that the more you chase something with madness and avoiding everything else, the more it seems to run far away from us. So, let it go. Lose control over it. Don’t be a chaser.

Chasing our goals and trying to achieve our goals are two different aspects of similar concept or ideology. When we chase our goals, we have a sense of doubt whether we may be able to achieve them. There are a lot of change of plans because many of them don’t work out. 

When we try to achieve our goals, we work with the belief that we will surely get there. The belief drives our actions towards achieving those goals. Certainly, there are many obstacles to prevent us from achieving our target but we persevere. Also, if after all that we do, we are unable to achieve our goal, we don’t cry over it because we had already evaluated the possible outcomes. We have faith and satisfaction that we tried our best and make peace with it. At times, when we lose control, we achieve our aim effortlessly. So, make peace with your struggle, have faith that the outcome will be positive and if not, it will certainly teach something. Enjoy the journey and lose control over the outcome. Life is about the journey, not the outcome. 

Lose Control


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