It is 6:57 am.
I woke up late today.
It becomes hot and sunny
till 7:00 am nowadays.

I am taking some measures, though,
to reduce as much heat
on the Earth as I can so
this atmosphere makes me happy.

Before I came out to stroll
according to my new routine,
I made sure
that no appliances are switched on, in my home, where nobody is working.

The sun is up, indeed,
but I don’t feel the heat
to the extent that I feel
that the sun will burn my body.

A child is cycling
at this point of the day too.
This is happening
because of the trees planted through
out the society
fencing its boundary.

I am proud of where I live.
Here, I can find neem,
peepal and many
oxygen-producing trees.

If they are cut to build societies,
they are planted inside them
which increase
the beauty of the boundaries.

I feel free in the space I walk around.
I don’t need any more of it, do I?
I even see plants and shrubs
planted in almost every house.

Had it not been for
these trees,
I would not have been walking comfortably
in this prickly heat.


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