At 12:50 pm, my brother entered my room and as always, to annoy me, started pretending as if he was sneaking into my phone. I, obviously, got annoyed because he just cannot avoid passing unnecessary comments as per his habit. He asked me to hand my phone over to him. I refused and shooed him out of my room. But I did another task.


I wished to check whether I really had got addicted to my phone. I wished to check whether I would be able to resist the temptation to check my phone or would I feel a void in the absence of its usage. So, I switched it off and make a resolution to not use it for another hour. I also switched off the lights and fan of my room and went to the hall.

I tore a sheet of paper which was luckily left blank by my brother who has a habit of not using a register until the last page. I wrote some of the habits that I should try to inculcate in me for as long as possible. I thought of starting one of them from today.

Then, I went to take my food and eat. I had a habit of watching some video when I ate. That took me one hour or more to eat the food. Since today, I was not doing the same, I ate my food with calmness and with my complete concentration on its taste. Though, the thoughts of many suggestions of videos I might have received as always on my phone occupied my mind for a while but I thought that this was a good opportunity to notice whether I can eat with mindfulness or not.

This was also an opportunity to check whether I can remember the incidents of one hour. I ate my food calmly within twenty minutes. This, to be honest, surprised me. It was totally unexpected that an hour would be reduced to twenty minutes. It was now 1:10 pm.

I, then, went to the kitchen to place the utensil to be cleaned and thought of cleaning all the utensils there. I cleaned all the utensils within another ten minutes. It was 1:20 pm now.

I drank a glass of cold water. Since the bottle from which I poured the water in the glass emptied, I filled it up with water and placed it in the refrigerator. After that, I started walking to and fro in the space in the hall and slid the window a bit so as to let only the air in. I thought of cooking something but declined it in another second. I was not really hungry now. Also, I was trying to eat healthy. Then, I went to the restroom and stayed there for another five minutes. 

My brother saw me walking and asked again why I was doing so. I went to his room. He saw me and asked me to keep his refuse utensil in the sink. I took it and washed it like the other utensils. Then, I thought of cleaning my glasses and spent another five minutes searching for its cleaner drop and cloth. When I found it, I cleaned it up.

Before wearing my glasses again, I thought about washing my face and did so which took me another 10 minutes. I watched outside as I continued to watch outside as I sipped another glass of cold water. After five minutes of walking, I looked up at the watch. I kept walking for three minutes, watching the hands of the clock move for each passing second. Then, I looked away towards the window and noticed my physical body structure as I walked. I turned around and saw the time. It was 1:50 pm.

Spending an hour without the electrical appliances was maybe boring but not at all difficult. Certainly, I was wondering about a lot of tasks associated with the mobile but I built faith that I could complete them with no use of pen, paper or electrical or technological appliances. As the hour was over, I went into my room and switched on my mobile to note my experience down which took me another one and a half hour because I was recalling the details. I observed that my memory is not as week as I think it is. I fought the one-hour resolution and I won it. I think you can too. Can you?

The 1-Hour Resolution

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