I have just closed a chapter

and I wish it remains closed forever

once that I have shut the door on it.

Now, I am ready to start afresh. 


Some part of me

that don’t serve me anymore

is settling politely 

at the shore. 


I have released all worry and pain. 

I am ready to start again. 

I am eager to read what awaits me after

all this struggle. I am turning the page

to start a new chapter. 


I am learning to give myself

more opportunities to learn

I am trying to break all the

limitations I have put on my capabilities. 


I am trying to achieve some goals. 

I am trying to decipher the language of souls. 

I am receiving new signs and symbols. 

I am trying to understand, all

over again, how universe works.


I have left my past behind me. 

I know I can’t be truly happy

if I continue to carry

all the past hurt and worries.


I am unaware what awaits me,  

what new lessons and opportunities 

will the future present to me. 

I am clueless but I don’t worry

because I know everything, 

in the end, will turn out how it should be. 



Awaiting The New

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