I believe that the less the person is accessible to the natural resources, the safer the planet becomes. According to this belief, the poorest of the poor are saving the planet. Indirectly, their existence is the reason all other classes of humans and some animals are able to survive. The middle class, like me, the rich and the working or the labour classes are guilty of endangering the planet and its species. The Jains, at least, somehow contribute to the extinction of some species by practicing ahimsa or their primary principle of non-violence. Though, eating non- vegetarian food is not wrong but like everything, this should also not cross its limit or it would create imbalance in the food cycle of the ecosystem.


We, as humans, should innovate but where we are going wrong is that we are taking or churning out the animals and plants as resources to serve us but we forget to plant trees to produce equal resources for survival of all other species. We may assume that humans are the best of all species but we can’t survive without others. Every specie on this planet is co-dependent on the other. Therefore, there is a concept of ecosystem. We cannot over-consume as per our will. We just can’t. Overuse harms humans and other species.

This is a clear concept that we cannot stop the consumption of the other species but we can regulate and control it to benefit all and create a balance. Follow thw principle you are following. Do what makes you feel good. Don’t you like seeing afforestation and greenery it causes? Plant trees then. You don’t want that CO2 should be produced in such large amounts? Definitely, you don’t want to live like a rooster over a frying pan, do you? Reduce the consumption of CO2 then. Every day, just for an hour, switch off everything in your home and go out on a stroll. Walk and talk with the people around you. Play games. Jog. Exercise. Be the company children seek to play with. Don’t reduce habits. Replace them with the better ones. I can make this planet better. You can make this planet better. We, together, can make this planet better. Just take a step ahead. I will support. This is our planet and we will save it together.

We Will Save The Planet

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