You have entered my life with a purpose.
You will serve it
and you will have to go.
It will be really painful for you, I know.


So, I am trying to stay away from you
as much as I can.
You are unaware of the cycle you have fallen prey to.
Our meeting is a part of the universe’s plan.

I can change the journey
a bit according to my will
but I can’t change the destiny
may how much I use my might and will.

So, I pray.
I pray that you teach me a lesson
that I need to learn
while staying as far away
from me as possible.

You seem akin my destination
but will always remain my soulmate.
I really don’t want so to happen
but I know, in this matter,
I can’t change my fate.

I wish for your eternal happiness.
May you find someone who is made for you
before or after this journey ends.
I want to watch you be forever happy too.


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