Today, I woke up at 2:00 am and didn’t find my phone beside me. I searched for it with the help of my mother yet I couldn’t find it. For approximately till an hour later, I was upset about it and that how would I access the messages that I will get through the
applications. My brother gave his laptop to me. Though I can’t access the messages until I retrieve my phone but I can still do my professional and personal work with its help. 


I realised that my phone is not my need right now. It is a helping device which can soon be replaced according to the needs. I can download the songs I heard in it on the computer and transfer it to my MP3 player. There will be no compromise in the quality. Earlier, when I misplaced my MP3 player, I thought that the sound quality it provided can never be replaced but it did. As for the college purposes, there is still approximately a month till my college reopens ad I know I will retrieve my phone within 2 days from now.Also, since a major task that I have to complete is saved on the laptop I am operating right now, my phone will no longer be able to distract me from my task anymore. 

I will have to bear some loss because I had installed apps in my phone which helped me keep track of my physical activity and that was the major task it performed for me throughout the day. They can only be accessed on phone so that is a loss I have to bear until I retrieve my phone. Keeping it aside, I am good. Even the photos I clicked are easily accessible to me, as I perceive, because they automatically get backed up in my Google Photos account. All-in-all, if you see, it is not such a major loss to make a hue and cry about. At the end of the day, it is only a liability, a help, not a necessity or a need. It is just a matter of a pattern of consumption-a habit and habits can be changed any time as per our wishes and needs. 

If you observe, we face such situations and feelings towards people and circumstances every day. I have left organisations, situations, feelings and people I felt I will hold on to until the end of my life and would not be able to do without them but I am living happily even after suffering those losses. We don’t lose everything when we lose a passion, a person or a situation. We can gain them back after we stand up confidently after falling. We were living happily before them so they can surely bring necessary changes in us for our progress and growth but they don’t define our lives. Even if they leave forever, until we don’t leave ourselves, we are never at a loss. Every departure is an indication to a new beginning. Remember what Paul Smith says, “When life closes a door, God opens a window.” Have faith in yourself and do good.In the end, you will get what you need. Everything will work out in your favour in the end.

You Will Get What You Need

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  1. I have retrieved my phone now, half an hour later I published this blog. I had asked my father to keep it away safely when I was going to sleep and he placed it in such a manner that he was hidden under his pile of files, making it invisible.

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