I am walking.
Walking over all the negativity.
Walking over all the hurt.
I am walking over the past
and moving ahead with positivity.


I am walking over the insecurities
and the uncertainties
that reside within me.
I am walking past the negative passion
which creates more heat than possibilities.

I am walking alone
which gives me the sense
that I am strong
without anyone’s presence.

I am walking beyond the signs of synchronicities
that no longer serve me.
I am walking with a new zeal,
a fresh energy
to the novel, exciting, optimistic future
that awaits me.

I have learnt my lessons
and will learn more if the need be.
Where I need to be,
the universe will lead me
to reach there eventually.
I am walking
and I hold this belief
that I can walk till
I don’t arrive where I am meant to be.


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