I will not choose you over someone else. You treated me as an option and left with someone else without informing me. I choose myself over everything and everyone and that prevents me from choosing you now. I am worthy enough not to be kept hanging and to be treated as an option. No man is more worthy than me and my self-respect. 


I am sure, in a few months, you will realise that you are made for me. But, hold on, I have realised right now that you deserve no more of my affection, attention or acceptance. You may propose you love to me but be prepared to be rejected straight away with no consideration because the man who didn’t respect the time and effort I put into him to heal him spiritually in the past doesn’t deserve even a fragment of my time and effort that I will genuinely put to keep my relationship going safe and healthy with the person who respects it.

I am not a doormat to trod on and wipe your feet off all the waste. I am a gem which if you throw away, you have no choice but to regret about your action throughout your life and see the deserving cherish the fruits of acquiring it. Don’t try to see this mermaid now lest she brings you wrath for your deeds. This is the last time ever I am venting my disappointment, anger and hurt on you because a deceitful, secretive and inconsiderate person deserves no more of me.


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