Love unconditionally but always remember that no matter how much you care, people will leave you. You have to remember that you don’t lose yourself in the process. Love yourself to the extent that someone’s entry or exit in and out of life don’t affect your self-love.


Also, people will change. Everyone, including you, is constantly evolving. They are a different individual. No matter how much someone’s decisions may hurt you, remember that at the end of the day, it is their life and they can and will live it according to your will.

Don’t give your all to somebody with no commitment. Don’t make yourself empty to fill someone else’s glass. The most important and the prior person you should love and give your care to is you.

In the times of rejection, don’t look at the positive aspects you lost. Firstly, remove them from your sight altogether. If they are connected with you on your social medias, unfollow and unfriend them from all the handles. Hide the past conversations. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t lose yourself chasing someone unnecessarily. Don’t waste your time and energy. Let it be. 

Accept that this happens too often. You might also have rejected someone but now that you have been rejected, don’t apologize to the person you rejected because you know how it feels. The reasons to reject that person remain constant even after you face rejection. 

Love yourself more. Know that if someone has left your life, they are gone for good. Maybe, they proved to be toxic to you or were taking up most of your time, attention and energy. Early rejection saves you from getting hurt in future.

Heal yourself. You are really powerful. Look with love at yourself in the mirror and say three things you extremely love about yourself and would never like to change for anybody. Go out on a walk. Exercise. Physical health directly affects mental health and vice versa. 

Also, you are wrong if you think you will never find someone else. You will find better or maybe the best for you if you heal and love yourself unconditionally. And when you will generate such positive aura, you will attract likewise. Remember, a clear rejection is better than being kept hanging in between.

Rejected For Good

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